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Accessing Yahoo Main in Thunderbird 10 January, 2009

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Yahoo has relatively recently introduced a feature that lets some of their users access their mail via POP3. Apparently, this is only offered in some regions, supposedly not the US. Despite what many people say in old articles and forum posts, you can access your mail now with Mozilla THunderbird, rather than Zimbra Desktop. Here’s the process.

1. Create an account and log in.

2. Click on optionssnapshot443. Click on POP Access and Forwardingsnapshot45

4. snapshot46

5. Set up Thunderbird. Probably because of Mozilla’s relationship with Google, it is very easy to set up a gmail account. The easiest way to set up a Yahoo mail account is actually to select gmail account, then substitute the details that Yahoo gives. This gives you sane defaults, such as leaving mail on the server.

6. Done.


For the most part, this is a humourless proceeding. There is a good moment, though:

If you can’t click the link above, you can verify your email address by cutting and pasting (or typing) the following address into your browser:


That would only take abut 10 minutes to type out.


Do they paint doves in their torture chambers? 8 August, 2008

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I don’t want to be too political, but a dove in the Peking opening ceremony? They are using a symbol of peace and love, and even has religious significance (the Holy Spirit). Are we all just going to say “that’s nice” and pretend that Tank man and the massacre never happened?

Tank Man

Tank Man

On a technology related note, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are all helping provide the software that the regime needs to filter the internet (the great firewall of China) and find those that seek Democratic change in the country. Don’t even think about touching Red Flag linux (put out by the communist government), you don’t know what it’ll do to your computer.