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XO 18 November, 2008

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The New York Times is running an article on how media groups are going to donate advertising space to help OLPC. This is intending to sell the pathetic ‘give one, get one’ campaign. I wanted to write a longer post, but I can’t be bothered and there’s no need. First, one of the main problems with OLPC is that they didn’t let countries order a small shipment of the XOs to do pilot testing. Major flaw.

Second, in the rough words of Hans Rosling; you know about two kinds of countries; developed and developing. I know about 200 kinds of countries. While a customised version of Linux with no printing support or interoperability is great in a few of the deepest, darkest corners of the world, you are forgetting the rest, especially Newly Industrialised Countries (NIC’s). There are vast regions of the world that already have power, internet, printers, etc. Think of the number of poor people across China, SE Asia, Middle and South America, and even Europe. Mexico has power. THey also have a lot of slums. Why would you make a computer that needs to be hand cranked? The first thing that Egypt said was something like ‘will these computer work with our WinXP xomputers?’ And the answer is no. Score 0 OLPC.

Third, if the computers are’nt really that great in NICs, they’re crap in developed countries. What can you do with them. FSJ frequently made fun of the freetard idiots that went out to buy ones.This sums it up:


And Finally, a quote from FSJ:

it was never about education or poverty or helping kids and was, rather, all about a bunch of amateur techies trying to prove that they could make a better computer than Microsoft and Intel?

Guess what, freetard morons. You couldn’t. You didn’t.

Check out more of his rants here.

Also check out OVPC.(One Velociraptor Per Child)

Edit: If you want a gift to give at Christmas that isn’t useless junk and will actually help children in developing countries, consider something like usefulgifts.org. Lots of charities do these things.


Ballmer is sane? 7 November, 2008

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If you’ve seen his most famous videos, or read fake Streve Job’s blog, you might come to believe that Ballmer is completely and utterly BF crazy. But, looking at a video of Ballmer talking at Sydney, I find myself respecting him. partly, it’s because at hirst he makes fun of the image of himself. If you are that patient, have a look at some of the video.

Link: ZDnet

Linux: Get Ready for World Domination 18 October, 2008

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The Domino Effect is now in full swing and Linux is on the path to becoming the single world superpower. Indefatigable, she has already taken hold of Brazil and Russia, and is poised to seize new territory with the next wave of assault; low cost and donated PCs. But even now, aside from full Linux control, Open Source is crumbling the enemy’s resistance from the inside. Mozilla Firefox stands unchallenged as the world’s browser of choice for the liberated. OpenOffice makes inroads into the juicy government sector with fears of data being trapped in dead formats. No ultimatum has been issued, no prisoners will be taken. Now, the world waits for the inevitable and complete annihilation of the old empire. Carpe Diem!

The current world order.

The current world order.

By the way, this is only based on what I have heard. There are computers in Africa, I just haven’t heard that much. Also, I couldn’t be bothered with Mac. They;re probably just going to puff in silvery smoke anyway.

By way of explanation:

Russia: All schools running Linux, Open Source pulic sector by 2010

Brazil: Strong ISO protest against OOXML

China: Made Red Flag

France: Parliament, Police Force

US: Evil Microsoft holds schools to ransom

Australia: Tax department issues taxation pack that does not work under wine (NZ is just a bannana republic probably in the same boat)

More to come at a later point. I’m enjoying this! (Maybe a version with geolocation?)

Windows; a Life Without Walls? 22 September, 2008

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World renoun for shocking advertising, Microsoft has moved onto the next phase. Microsoft has traditionally not relied on advertising, and so has done poorly. They were fairly widely criticised for their advertisiong campaigns ‘the mojave experiment’ and Jerry Springer ads. Windows kicked off a new phase of advertising with the slogan ‘life without walls’. This is doing much better than before, but has problems.

1 The ads use the phrase “I’m a PC” in response to ads by Apple. Not generally the best policy to respond to criticism from a smaller competitor.

2 The slogan ‘life without walls’ is stupid. In a ‘life without walls’, who has need of windows? Or, as the broader joke goes, “In the world without walls and fences, who needs Windows and Gates?”

3 The slogan might think that Windows is about freeing you and letting you get on whith what you want to do. Not so. Windows Vista is not really liberating, and I would say the opposite. It slows down your computer, sometimes doesn’t work with different hardware, has no support for open formats out of the box, and has DRM. You need to buy the latest version of Office to open .docx or .xlsx files. Is that liberating? As to DRM, it has not really been a problem yet, but could be a problem in the future. I’m not talking about software piracy; restrictive DRM software could hurt ordinary people.

4 Getting people to make their own ads is popular at the moment, but I don’t think that that many ordinary (non basement-living geeks) people really feel that strongly about Windows. Many of the ‘positive’ views about Windows are that it is not as bad as it could be.

5 The site looks really bad with noscript enabled.

Beware the Eye of Sauron!

Beware the Eye of Sauron!

Lenovo joins the crowd in not offering Linux 11 August, 2008

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Lenovo has unveiled a new series, the Ideapas S series. With two optionsa available, the S9 and the S10, sporting a choice of XP or Linux, Australain and US consumers will get the choice of the 10 inch model only and XP only. Why? There’s absolutely no reasonable explanation. Unlike the others, like MSI that just delayed the Linux model (but of course they had enough parts for the XP model to launch on time) or Asus, making the Linux version of the 900 series more expensive than the XP model, Lenovo has made up no excuse as to why Linux models cannot be offered here. But the US? That’s steep. They offer SLED versions of the Thinkpad there and not here. So does Dell with Ubuntu, again not here. And so does HP, offering a SLED mininote there, but I haven’t seen one here (probably available at an online retailer). Same with the linux version of the Acer Aspire.

And yet we keep applauding each manufacturer that joins the fray and offers a nonexistant Linux computer. I don’t think that the Linux netbook market really exists. Yes, there are low cost devices that are aimed at poor people, and education. But they aren’t available for retail.  Then there are the ‘consumer’ Linux models. But they suck, pure and simple. They are usually small, low speced seven inch models, with tiny screens and keyboards. Reviewers always seem to point out the difficult to use touch pad (especially the cloudbook’s), fairly short battery life, etc…

So, if you want a good netbook, you’ll be wanting an 8.9-10 inch model. And you’ll have to pay more, and that means that it’s that much easier to slip in the cost of a MS license. Manufacturers use dodgy pricing and confusing configurations to mask the cost of the Windows operation system, and to make higher margins. And the Linux versions that everyone is raving about seem to dry up. And I’m getting sick of another hyped up product that I’ll never see in a shop, or never consider buying.

Do they paint doves in their torture chambers? 8 August, 2008

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I don’t want to be too political, but a dove in the Peking opening ceremony? They are using a symbol of peace and love, and even has religious significance (the Holy Spirit). Are we all just going to say “that’s nice” and pretend that Tank man and the massacre never happened?

Tank Man

Tank Man

On a technology related note, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are all helping provide the software that the regime needs to filter the internet (the great firewall of China) and find those that seek Democratic change in the country. Don’t even think about touching Red Flag linux (put out by the communist government), you don’t know what it’ll do to your computer.