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What are you guys on? 2 August, 2008

Posted by aronzak in Linux.
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Have a look at these guys: http://bluraysucks.com/

They really are crazy. It’s still going on about HD-DVD, which was dead ages ago. They’re also talking about how Bluray won’t work with Linux, when it does if you can crack it. There is mixed up leaglity on the issue, which is what I was trying to work out. Apparently, using libdvdcss is legal here in Australia. I was trying to find out if similar solutions are “legal” *cough* over here. The PS3 was supposed to come with a fully blown linux distro on it, but that got scrapped with no explanation. Perhaps the fear of people using their installs to play overseas discs, scip ads, etc… Still, it is possible to install linux to a PS3. I might buy one just for that, were it not possible to make a computer for a third of the cost (albeit not a very good one)