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Apple attacks open source iTunes replacements 28 November, 2008

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Apple’s moderately popular ipod line has always been a POS. It’s overpriced, uner featured, and generally overrated. It is an expensive toy that has limited use, not being able to open up most media formats known to man (such as .wav or .ogg). Next, if you want to actually plug it into a computer (that is, a real computer, not a boat anchor), you’ll need to use a special proprietary cable that manages to connect to; usb. Why couldn’t they have put in a mini usb connector? Anyway, your computer mounts the device and hey presto, since you don’t have iTunes installed, (and on Linux, can’t), then tough luck, you can’t use it for anything. But wait, a brave team cracked the retarted and useless database system, and miraculously, you can now use the device with a decent media player (sich as Winamp, Songbird, AmaroK, etc).

Apple doesn’t like this. They assembled their own crack team of anti-compatibility experts, bringing together the top minds in the field (and then some), creating a newer, and crappier system that messes up your media in a different way to before. Now, if you bought a new generation of i stuff, you won’t be able to use it with a decent player. Sucks to be you. But, again, a group of people have gotten together, and have started sharing ideas on how to crack this new annoyance. (But not to crack the also irritating DRM). They were discussing this on Bluwiki, which has a front page saying:

Imagine a world where everyone can publish online. Without censoring, popups, or banner ads.

Well, imagine away. Unfortuantely Apple has confused discussion over their crap product as a Digital Milenuim Copyright Act (DMCA; Read: Evil) violation. How unexpected. The EFF is seeing red over this, as they should. And good luck to them and the crackers. But couldn’t we all just follow Japan’s lead and not buy the crap? I mean, really you should be using ogg by now. And when you want a player that can actually talk your language, look no further.


Linux: Let’s have a threesome 28 October, 2008

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This proves that there is a (substantial) difference between mental age and maturity level. I might make a new one with newer logos.

Windows; a Life Without Walls? 22 September, 2008

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World renoun for shocking advertising, Microsoft has moved onto the next phase. Microsoft has traditionally not relied on advertising, and so has done poorly. They were fairly widely criticised for their advertisiong campaigns ‘the mojave experiment’ and Jerry Springer ads. Windows kicked off a new phase of advertising with the slogan ‘life without walls’. This is doing much better than before, but has problems.

1 The ads use the phrase “I’m a PC” in response to ads by Apple. Not generally the best policy to respond to criticism from a smaller competitor.

2 The slogan ‘life without walls’ is stupid. In a ‘life without walls’, who has need of windows? Or, as the broader joke goes, “In the world without walls and fences, who needs Windows and Gates?”

3 The slogan might think that Windows is about freeing you and letting you get on whith what you want to do. Not so. Windows Vista is not really liberating, and I would say the opposite. It slows down your computer, sometimes doesn’t work with different hardware, has no support for open formats out of the box, and has DRM. You need to buy the latest version of Office to open .docx or .xlsx files. Is that liberating? As to DRM, it has not really been a problem yet, but could be a problem in the future. I’m not talking about software piracy; restrictive DRM software could hurt ordinary people.

4 Getting people to make their own ads is popular at the moment, but I don’t think that that many ordinary (non basement-living geeks) people really feel that strongly about Windows. Many of the ‘positive’ views about Windows are that it is not as bad as it could be.

5 The site looks really bad with noscript enabled.

Beware the Eye of Sauron!

Beware the Eye of Sauron!