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Cooking With Peta 25 November, 2008

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Peta, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has created a parody of a game ‘cooking mama’, in which you kill a turkey and do messy things with its bits, until Mama miraculously converts to tofu after seeing how messy the turkey was. Have a play, it’s good fun. Interesting that they use this platform to push issues. In the US, it’s nearing a holiday called thanksgiving, normally associated with eating turkeys (here, we tend to do it on Christmas).

It’s interesting that an activist group is using interactive entertainment to raise awareness of minority issues. This is a well polished, well thought out and fun (to me, at least) game. I don’t think I’ve seen a concerted effort like this before to raise awareness of an issue usually not in the public spotlight. It’s a flash game, popular with children, taht can run on any platform. This is very well done. Maybe Amnsety International will make a game where you bomb hospitals? (maybe not)


NoScript preventing Clickjacking 12 October, 2008

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Clickjacking; where a user’s click is unknowingly redirected to another (hidden) object on the page, is something that has scared many security experts. It works on all major browsers, with the only possible exception of lynx (fight the power!). But NoScript has released a stream of new versions that include new code called ClearClick, that prevents clickjacking. I saw this in use here. THe video isn’t that funny.

First, click on the script to allow it.

Now, the video appears. Next I click on it.

And NoScript comes up with a warning.

And Voila, it’s a like to the ad at the bottom of the page.

So there we go, NoScript has succesfully defended me from an attempt to show me an ad.