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Cooking With Peta 25 November, 2008

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Peta, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has created a parody of a game ‘cooking mama’, in which you kill a turkey and do messy things with its bits, until Mama miraculously converts to tofu after seeing how messy the turkey was. Have a play, it’s good fun. Interesting that they use this platform to push issues. In the US, it’s nearing a holiday called thanksgiving, normally associated with eating turkeys (here, we tend to do it on Christmas).

It’s interesting that an activist group is using interactive entertainment to raise awareness of minority issues. This is a well polished, well thought out and fun (to me, at least) game. I don’t think I’ve seen a concerted effort like this before to raise awareness of an issue usually not in the public spotlight. It’s a flash game, popular with children, taht can run on any platform. This is very well done. Maybe Amnsety International will make a game where you bomb hospitals? (maybe not)


A look at Mozilla Fennec 19 October, 2008

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Mozilla Fennec is a mobile web browser, intended to be used on devices such as the iphone and the Nokia N810. So, Mozilla is entering this juicy market too. I downloaded alpha 1 and gave it a spin. There’s a few bugs, and the interface is terrible on a big screen, but is probably good where screen space is limited, and you have a touch interface. Here’s some screenshots of the alpha.

Fennec has a strange interface, in which you slide around the page in order to access the side panels. The top can also be slid to hide it. This didn’t look that great to me, because the sides slid in and out when I tried to go up and down a page. This probably isn’t such a problem with a touchscreen. Also, I expected the scroll wheel to scroll the page up and down, but it zoomed in and out. Would make good sense on a phone.

At the top of the screen, there’s a loading animation / page icon / security info button, then a bar that shows the page title rather than the url, then a reload and history button.

On the right, there’s a panel with a bookmark star, forward and back buttons, and a button to bring up the settings. There are few settings options, to keep it simple.

There’s also addons.

On the left, is a panel with all of your tabs.

Finally, downloading seems to work fine, and downloads appear in the middle settings tab.

Mozilla Fennec is looking good. The only problems that I had were a result of it being a first alpha, and using it on a PC (the interface is really made for touchscreens).