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Tweeler: Free Linux Games 13 November, 2008

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A new site, called tweeler has been launched. At the moment, it has tow ports of games from indie developer Tony Oakden. These are called Atomic Worm and Go Ollie!.

The first is a slightly strange, but fresh take on the old game of snake. You move around a board, needing to complete a chain of flowers of a particular variety. This is complicated by the fact that there are different varieties and only so many moves that you can make on the oddly shaped boards. The game has a slightly surrealist feel to it, with random poetry flashing up now and then. The music and graphics give the game a very solid feel. It’s a game that you’ll get into.

Go Ollie! is a mouse based platformer. You are a worm that jumps around platforms, collecting coins. It has good music and graphics, but I didn’t like the gameplay so much.

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Virtual worlds, real consequences 26 October, 2008

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There’s a great story on Linuxinsider on how a Japanese woman logged into the account of a virtual husband who suddenly (virtually) divorced her, and then killed the man’s online avatar. Crazy. Apparently, this is a real crime, illegally accessing a computer and manipulating electronic data, and she’s locked up in Sapporo (the man’s home city, which she had to travel to).

“I was suddenly divorced, without a word of warning. That made me so angry”

Virtual worlds are very popular in Japan. There’s an interesting, and perhaps disturbing social trend where teenagers (mainly males) become “hikkomori“, a type of isolated, withdrawn people that sit in their rooms all day playing video games, only emerging to eat. It seems to be a result of the pressure of growing up, occuring mostly to people leaving school. They withdraw completely from social interaction, not wanting to talk or be with friends. Usually this stops after a period of time. Also disturbing is that people in China have died after playing WoW for too long without even eating, and just dying of starvation.

I’ve heard of a virtual funeral with the avatar of a teenager that died. Apparently, it got interupted with someone else backstabbing the avatar. It’s terrible, but I can’t help laughing.