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Shiretoko 2 May, 2009

Posted by aronzak in Mozilla Firefox, Uncategorized, web.

For some reason, the search box in Mozilla Firefox 3.0.8 decided not to work. So I installed the new version of firefox, codenamed “Shiretoko”, which looks good.  Named after a peninsula on the tip of the North Japanese island Hokkaido, Shiretokowas formerly called version 3.1, and is now version 3.5. The browser uses version 1.9.1 of the rendering engine Gecko, which is faster and supports HTML5. With the improvements in Gecko, Shiretoko gets an impressive score of 93% on the Acid3 test (especially when compared to the paltry 20 that IE 8 gets).

The inclusion of “private browsing”, irreverently dubbed “porn mode” is touted as a significant feature, but  is essentially useless as existing builtin tools and extensions like cookiesafe do a better job at protecting privacy.

The tab bar now has a plus at the end, allowing users to click to bring up a new tab. While this may be helpful to some users, and makes Firefox look more like the interface of other notable browsers, it is similarly useless for advanced users, who are fine with middle clicking links and using control-T. Having the tab bar display with just one tab can be disabled in Edit>Preferences (Tools>Options in Windows) and unchecking “Always show the tab bar” under the “tabs” tab.screenshot-1



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