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Microcore and Qemu 10 June, 2009

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Microcore is a version of Tinycore that has no graphical environment. It is even smaller than Tinycore, with the CD image being only 7 MB. It looks like a reasonably useful text based minimal operating system that you could use to build your own version on. You could add in utilities like antivirus, etc… to suit your needs.

It would also be useful as a minimal rescue system, allowing you to do some basic editing of system files and whatnot if something goes wrong. It also has a secure shell client, dropbear ssh, which can let you do more advanced things if you can connect to other Linux or Mac computers.

I don’t know what the default password is, but you can set the passwords by doing a “sudo su”, and setting the passwords for users “root” and “tc”.

One other thing to add: if you use Qemu to virtualise microcore, you’ll need to use the “-no-acpi” option when starting qemu, otherwise you’ll get an error about a bug in a timer not connected to IO-APIC. Whatever that means.