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Cuba joins in Linux adoption 12 February, 2009

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Recently, Cuba has joined an increacing number of governments in the world that are adopting Linux for use in their country’s educational systems and beurocracy. Thay are creating their own operating system for government, called Nova, something that Russia is also doing. Recently also, Kerala, a state in the Southern tip of India, has moved to open source, and has set up a free software training centre. Prize quote from a BuisnessWeek article:

“We’re using something called Linux,” says 12-year-old Arya VM as she plays with Tux Paint, a Linux drawing and painting application. And Windows? “Never heard of it,” she says.

A neighbouring region, Tamil Nadu, has a scheme that sells laptops preloaded with SUSE or Ubuntu for the educational market.

All is going well.




1. Milan Kolibiar - 16 February, 2009

I feel disappointed by the fact that the results of the hard work of the Linux community will be used to help dictators like Castro to keep their empires alive.
I have been using Linux since 1994 not only for technical but also for ethical reasons. And of course, spent considerable effort in learning how to work with it in the time where modern user-friendly desktops such as KDE or Gnome did not exist. Nevertheless, I was proud of supporting the right thing every time I bought a Linux distribution in a box or a computer magazine (usually not a cheap one!) devoted to this great OS. Now, Linux is going to be used to help dictators to keep their countries even more isolated from the democratic world. If I knew this 15 years ago, I would have stayed with MS Windows no matter of its flaws.

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