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Urban Terror 14 December, 2008

Posted by aronzak in Uncategorized.

Urban Terror is currently my favourite open source FPS. The most popular game mode most resembles counter strike’s team survival, but with a few changes that I really like. Firstly, rather than having a system of money, Another great feature is that the teams move their start positions around the maps, which can break up the gameplay.

There are two main disadvantages stemming from the fact that the game is made for enthusiasts. First, much of the language of the game, while funny, is probably annoying to those that die all the time and slightly inappropriate for children.

Secondly, while the game doesn’t have a very steep learning curve, it isn’t necessarily inviting to new players. Some of the finer points, like pressing ‘q’ when you are bleeding, are not obvious. Also, if you shoot your teamates, you’ll instantly be kicked. If you don’t know how to play CS or any FPS, don’t install the game. Play a single player game like Nexuiz first.



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