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“Stream Energy” scam? 14 December, 2008

Posted by aronzak in Uncategorized.

I got an email from a group that claims to be “Stream Energy”. Looking them up reveals that they are a Texas based pyramid scheme. I don’t live in Texas and I’m not that stupid. The following is part of the email, so that hopefully people doing a google can find it.

Thank you for registering with the Stream Energy online bill management system. Please write down your username and password for future use. In order to complete the registration process, please click the link below.


Upon verification you will be able to sign on and be able to view your bill, pay it online, and print it out.

Thank you for choosing Stream Energy!



1. Daniel Bryant - 15 December, 2008

Stream Energy is one of the top 50 companies in the DFW area as ranked by the Dallas Morning News. Stream Energy was just awarded the number #2 position of the “Top 100 Award winners from the SMU Cox School of Business.” Stream Energy is approaching $1 billion in total sales after less than four years in business and has been named a finalist for the Platts Global Energy Rising Star Award.
There are other awards that Stream has received by very credibility sources.

Does Stream use MLM to gather customers? Yes! MLM is not a pyramid scheme.

Aronzak you are “not that stupid.” Just uninformed.

aronzak - 15 December, 2008

Yes, that’s nice. The point remains, that somehow, an email from your dear leader was sent to me. This is spam.

I should clarify. Stream Energy is a real company, not a straight out scam or hoax, like you would expect to hear about in regular spam. They are a legal company that uses Multi Level Marketing, a system that closely resembles an illegal pyramid scheme. Read more on Wiki.

Initially, Dan, I felt very angry at you guys. You work for a company that spams people. That’s immoral. But at the end of the day, it’s just sad. It’s you that will lose out when your company folds up overnight.

2. Melissa Fleming - 6 April, 2010

Ummm… I signed up as a Stream Energy residential customer today and when I went online to set up my online account access it asked for my email address (it only asked once for it, not like some site which ask you to re-enter email address) and sent verification to said address… Remarkably, the email was worded just as the excerpt you published… Sorry it happened, but someone apparently typed a wrong letter in their email address and it got sent to you, so no, it wasn’t spam… It was a mistake… Don’t be so cynical, hun… Life’s too short for that… :)

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