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Dell takes Ubuntu seriously 14 October, 2008

Posted by aronzak in Dell, Linux, Netbooks, Ubuntu.
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The VAR guy has an article showing an advertisement for the Dell inspiron mini 9 featuring Ubuntu, with no mention of a Windows model. Well done Dell. But I was more surprised when I saw this page.

Ubuntu is not hidden. In fact, it says ‘Ubuntu’ 4 times, and gives an opetion to build each of the XP machines with Ubuntu. Dell must be confident.



1. ubuntucat - 14 October, 2008

I don’t know if this is the big breakthrough that the “Year of the Linux desktop” pundits have been looking for, but I will say three years ago I never thought I’d see the day Dell sold Ubuntu side by side with Windows.

2. chcameron - 17 October, 2008

It seems like the popularity of Linux is in fact rising, since Vista is unpopular and Mac’s are too expensive. When people can knock good chunks of change off of their laptops by getting Linux, it’s definitely an option. But I think Linux still has trouble attracting the casual user who doesn’t know much about it (read: me). Personally I feel safer getting the Mini 9 with XP only because I know squat about Linux.

3. Chris Samuel - 23 October, 2008

Sadly this isn’t the case in down here, my source inside Dell Australia has confirmed that the Inspiron Mini 9 will only be available Windows XP in this country. :-(

4. aronzak - 25 October, 2008

“Personally I feel safer getting the Mini 9 with XP only because I know squat about Linux.”

That’s not hard to solve.

Dell not giving a Linux option isn’t really that unexpected. Hp, Lenovo and plenty of others have done the same.

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