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USB Linux Howto: Puppy Universal Installer 7 October, 2008

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This will guide you through installing Puppy Linux on a USB stick using its graphical installer wizard. You’ll need a version of Puppy on a CD or USB stick. If you already have one, skip down. If you don’t follow this:

1. Download the latest version of Puppy Linux. Download a CD disk image (.iso file).

Then, either use a CD or use virtualisation software.

Using a live CD:

2. Burn the .iso to a blank CD
(Note: You need to burn the contents of the .iso to a disk, don’t just put the iso on the disk as a file. You’ll need to play around with your cd burning software to get this to work. Try not to waste a disk.) Software like nero or alcohol120% or even a Windows CD burning wizard (part of the file manager in XP) should be able to do this properly.)

3. Reboot. Either alter your bios settings (usually press delete at boot) to set booting off the CD above booting off your hard disk, or use a boot menu (usually press F12 at boot. Then, select CD from a list) You should see a menu with colours, and after five seconds Puppy should boot up.

Using QEMU:

2. Install QEMU for your computer. Packages for Windows are available here.

3. Run QEMU with the option -cdrom puppy-whatever.iso and the location of your USB stick. More here.

qemu -k en-gb -m 512 -localtime -boot d -cdrom puppy-3.01-seamonkey.iso /dev/sdb1

Now follow this guide to use Puppy Universal Installer

1. Choose your keyboard settings, and then ‘xorg’ and the correct screen resolution.
Puppy should boot up, and you should see the following screen:

Puppy's Desktop

Puppy Linux's default Desktop

If you have no luck, you may need to change settings or add boot parameters (such as ‘noacpi’) next time you boot up, that sometimes can make it work properly.

2. Left click on the bottom left menu icon to bring up the menu. Select “puppy universal installer”.

Setup > Puppy universal installer

Setup > Puppy universal installer

3. Choose to install to a usb stick (the first option).

4. Choose your device.

5. Choose the first option. The others are strange and experimental, and sometimes work with old hardware, but it is not recommended.

6. Choose from CD if you are using a live disc.

7. Choose “mbr.bin from the syslinux package.” It seems to work the best, and is what I’ll use in the rest of this guide.

8. You may need to set the usb stick’s partition to have a ‘boot’ flag set using a great tool called gparted. Gparted is quite easy to use, just read what comes up on the purple popup.

9. An orange box should pop up. Press enter to continue.

10. Congratulations; the stick should now boot Puppy. You can use BIOS boot order or a boot menu to boot off USB.

More on USB Linux Howto.



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