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Using Unetbootin to install Linux to a USB stick 28 September, 2008

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A new program, Universal Network Bootloader Installer (unetbootin) can be used to set up a USB drive to boot. It can be run on Windows 2000 and above and Linux. It’s very simple to use. First, download and install unetbootin. Then:

– Make sure you have a USB stick with free space. You shouldn’t need to backup your files, but it’s always a good idea.
– Download a disk image (.iso) of the Linux you want to put on the stick.
– Run unetbootin
– Select ‘diskimage’ and select the .iso file
– Make sure you have the right USB device and press ‘OK’

Or, if it is listed in the program, you can just run that.

That should then set up your USB device to boot up.

You can then go on to add more versions of Linux or other tools to the stick.

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