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Over 1% Running Linux? 9 September, 2008

Posted by aronzak in Dying XP, Linux, web, Windows.
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Saw this article that references Ubuntu marketing as saying that there are already 8 million installations of Ubuntu. If that’s accurate, that means that there’s a huge lot of Linux installations. Based on figures from the article:

Ubuntu 8 million
Windows 1 billion (rough, by 2010)
Ubuntu is a 125th of Windows
Windows has ~ 90 % share
0.8% x 110%

Now, if these figures are accurate, then that’s only 30% of linux distributions. So the figures are wrong somewhere (it’s definitely not above 2%) but Linux probably has over 1 % of market share. This page suggests that Linux has 0.93% as of August.



1. Novus - 10 September, 2008

not really a good reasearch :) first of all, ubuntu twice as popular then Debian, Freespire, Linspire, Linux Mint, MEPIS, and Xandros… no way :)

then the hitslink research is based on browsers hitting a search engine. There I can think of 3 things that would throw off the results,
1) in ubuntu 8.04 the firefox useragent is set to “Firefox/3.0.1” not indicating anything about what os is running, how it looks on other distrubutions I don’t know
2) When the windows users in IE type in a non existing webadress they are sent to a search page.
3) Finally I doubt the searchengines check for unique visitors within these stats, my guess is that it’s # of searches using OS

The interesting thing is that theres a huge increase if linux users in the research

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