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Multiple Distros on one usb drive: Colours 31 August, 2008

Posted by aronzak in Uncategorized.

It’s easy to make your menu.txt or Fkey messages colourful. I’d like to add an example page (F9.msg) but WordPress won’t let me upload it.

The way it works is you put a special character in the text file, followed by two numbers. The first in the background colour, the second is the text colour. The colours are this: (NB. The character probably won’t display in some browsers)

01 01 Blue    09 09 Blue
02 02 Green 0a 0a Green
03 03 Teal     0b 0b Teal
04 04 Red     0c 0c Red
05 05 Purple 0d 0d Pink
06 06 Brown 0e 0e Yellow
07 07 White  0f 0f Whiter that White
08 08 Grey

Nb. 0 is black (so this appears as each part on a black background).

So, if you wanted white on a blue background, then put 17 (you can use either colours, but the ones on the left look less aggressive).

There’s more information available on the Syslinux website



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