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Ubuntu moved my partitions? 5 August, 2008

Posted by aronzak in Uncategorized.

This is an incredible story to me. I have an Etch install on what was /dev/sda6 with grub installed to there. I started Etch and did a kernel upgrade. This edited /dev/sda(6)/boot/grub/menu.list, adding extra kernel options. I’ve heard of kernel updates causing problems with menu.list being changed with (root0,0) to something else (or similar.)
Then, I didn’t start up normally, but proceeded to install Intrepid Ibex, using an alpha desktop disk. I have never used a graphical installer before. It has a difficult to use partitioner, which, as many people have commented, is not very good. After rebooting, I get error 17: partition not found (or something like that.)
Then, starting up in puppy linux, I am slightly confused about which partition I had changed, and those which I had kept. Opening up with Puppy, in /dev/sda5(!)/etc/fstab it says to mount /dev/sda6 on root. Looking at it, all of my partitions higher than /dev/sda5 have moved down one, with /dev/sda5 baeing destroyed and replaced by /dev/sda9 (my new install). One of my old installs which was /dev/sda9 is not /dev/sda8. Unbelievable! Has anybody ever heard of this happening?



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