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Bad helpdesking 3 August, 2008

Posted by aronzak in Linux, Ubuntu.
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There’s an interesting story on Slashdot: a Verizon customer called Libershitz tried to upgrade his internet from dialup to DSL, but was denied because his last name contained an expletive. Managers actually had the tenacity to suggest that the veteran change his last name, jsut to suit their interests. Talk about pigheadedness.

This brings me to Foxconn. They have learnt their lesson and run with their tail between their legs and quickly made a patch for the BIOS. The Chinese employee from foxconn making this post has effectively apologised for the mistake and promised that it would not happen again. But really, the way that they originally handled it was shocking. Listen to this:

“Dear Ryan:

Do you get the same beep codes if you were to remove all RAM out and then turn the system ON again?”

Response: “No, because then I wouldn’t be able to boot into Linux, suspend to RAM, to get the ACPI failure, have syslogd pollute my /var/log/messages file with it, or read about it in my system log.”

What a moron this Dan is. Foxconn will continue to cop a lot of slack for this serious blunder.



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