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Portable Apps in Linux 2 August, 2008

Posted by aronzak in Linux, Live Usb, Windows.
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It is possible to run Portable apps in Linux with Wine. But my question is, why should you need to? All of the programs that you can install to a usb drive are open source, and so most of them will come with a Linux distro, or are installable to one. As this is such a useful tool to get open source apps working on a windows box, I am surprised that there is no tool to better integrate portable apps into a Linux desktop. A few ideas:

1 Allow MS links (.lnk) to be opened by wine, which would follow the link as if it was in wondows, guessing the directory that it liks to. in windows, the link is to F:/portableapps/portableappsmenu/portableappsmenu.exe. Surely this could automatically be worked out to be a link to /media/sdxx/portableappsmenu/portableappsmenu.exe.

2 Allow autorun.ini scripts in KDE. There’s already an options dialog when you plug in a device.

3 Allow programs such as thunderbird to automatically synchronise with files of the portable apps version installed to a usb stick.



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