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Mojave Experiment 2 August, 2008

Posted by aronzak in Vista, Windows.
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Microsoft has come up with a new marketing angle. Slated to be brilliant, Joe Wilcox says ”

Microsoft really has hit a marketing home run. That said, I can’t infer that Microsoft Vista marketing is suddenly going to turn around, even with a $300-million ad campaign about to kick-off in earnest. Good marketing is about appealing to people’s emotions, which Mojave does through embarrassment. “I was wrong” isn’t the best way to sell a product, although it has some pull here because Vista perceptions are so negative.

….The Mojave Experiment is typical, analytical Microsoft. There’s smart marketing here, but building off core Microsoft culture rather than corporate behavioral change. That’s why I’m taking a cautious view about what Mojave might or might not mean for future Microsoft marketing.”

And then he turns it around, saying that Microsoft has gone in completely the wrong direction. There’s two types of advertising, one that assumes that the consumer is smart, and one that pitches to the lowest common denominator (which is pretty low, believe you me.) And Microsoft, unfortunately has gone for the latter. After an ad failed to redirect me (noscript on) I google ‘mojave experiment’ One result is the site, everything else is negative reviews. Good one Ballmer.

Summary of the hate: There were users of “Mac, Linux, Windows 2000 and XP” yet all of them were amazed at how good ‘mojave’ (Vista) raelly is. Find me a Linux kid that will say that and I’ll be honestly impressed. Oh wait, you only showed videos from 65 of your 120 test subjects. How scientific.



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